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Are you wasting time and money staffing an internal IT helpdesk?

There comes a time in every organization's growth when it no longer makes sense to manage every part of the business in-house. That is particularly true when considering the costs and time to find and train an internal IT team. Managing them can be costly, time-consuming and divert corporate energies away from achieving business goals.

We offer IT helpdesk support and other IT helpdesk services to companies in the Daniel Island, SC area. We are experienced providing IT helpdesk support services to a variety of company sizes, industry verticals, and IT environments. Kotori Technologies is a preferred local IT helpdesk support company! Professional IT helpdesk providers do more than solve computer issues; they help businesses save money and focus on growth. The question for your company then is: Are you wasting time and money on helpdesk services?

Scalability and flexibility
Partnering with an IT company for IT helpdesk services allows businesses to use only the services they need. For some, there will be very heavy use and others, very low usage. Some will need incremental assistance as the business expands into new markets or their technology evolves. That type of scalability is difficult to manage with an in-house team, and an IT helpdesk provider has experts able to meet fluctuating needs.

Lower staffing requirements
Helpdesk service providers reduce staffing costs. There is no in-house staff to maintain, train or provide benefits for, so some of the greatest savings are in salaries and benefits. An experienced IT helpdesk employee commands a high salary and associated benefits, and competition for them is fierce. In addition, IT helpdesk providers manage all of the hiring and continuing education.

The skills pool runs deep
An in-house helpdesk team can only grow and know so much, and each member is likely to have a particular set of skills. An IT company’s service team is large, and the available skills pool is much greater than that found in a typical business's IT department. Problems get solved quickly and efficiently because the outsourced team has a broader range of skills to address them. They also have experience working together and can quickly identify and assemble the right workers for particular problems.

Budget-friendly solutions
Technology is a major cost, partly because of how it quickly changes, requiring companies to invest in new equipment and skills. Another challenge is a sudden increase in the need for helpdesk support. When that happens, typically after an update or migration, costs can jump significantly. With IT helpdesk support, costs are negotiated up-front and a service level agreement will have everything the provider delivers. Having a fixed cost every month allows managers to use resources better while getting critical assistance for in-house systems.

IT helpdesk service providers can deliver value to businesses of any size with significant savings and obviate the challenges of keeping up with technology changes. They also provide business access to a much broader range of experts. Possibly the greatest asset is the gift of freedom, allowing in-house teams to focus on core business objectives.

Give your business an edge by partnering with the right IT helpdesk team. The representatives at Kotori Technologies can help you realize the value of outsourced help today. Contact us now and free your business to be more competitive.