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Network penetration testing: Best practices from the pros

Penetration testing refers to the process of identifying security vulnerabilities present in a business's IT assets by evaluating networks, computer systems, endpoints and web applications using an array of malicious techniques.

Firms use authorized simulated attacks to detect and exploit all weak points in the system being tested to determine the feasibility of gaining unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Purpose of penetration testing

The major aim of penetration testing is to ensure that valuable enterprise data is secure from the exploits of hackers and cybercriminals. Penetration testers (or ethical hackers) use penetration tests to figure out the level of risk that IT infrastructure is exposed to and determine the adequacy of existing detection and defensive measures in preventing security breaches and concerted cyberattacks.

By analyzing the results of the tests, we can suggest the implementation of possible countermeasures in order to reduce the possibility of hackers gaining access to the system. Penetration tests are also carried out to ensure the security of financial and other sensitive data when transmitting between systems and networks.

Pen tests may be done to meet the information security compliance requirements of a particular industry or to assess the overall impact of a successful breach. In some cases, savvy enterprise clients require their development teams to carry out penetration testing as part of the software release cycle.

The most efficient way to perform penetration testing is to design and execute a series of repeatable and methodical tests.

These tests should be broad enough to cover all the possible vulnerabilities in the system or network in question and carried out systematically (to ensure adequate testing of all areas). During the pre-test stage, penetration testers should gather all relevant information on the application or network as well as the infrastructure it resides on.

Our testers will first execute an infrastructure-level penetration test to check the deployment and security level of the underlying infrastructure. If it's possible to exploit the application servers, it would be much easier to exploit the web application During testing, we'll evaluate the vulnerabilities present in entry points where dynamic content is generated, and user input is accepted.

If any vulnerabilities are discovered during the course of testing, we'll notify your staff immediately. Once testing is complete, we will record the results, report all vulnerabilities found and provide risk assessments for said vulnerabilities.

Network Penetration Testing Service

We are a network penetration testing company offering network penetration services to businesses in Charleston, SC. Savvy businesses and enterprises always outsource penetration testing of their web applications, network, computer systems and other endpoints to experienced consultants. By leveraging the services of the expert team at Kotori Technologies, you can rest assured that your company's digital assets are safe from the exploits of malicious hackers and cybercriminals. We follow industry best practices at every point during the penetration testing process.

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