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The advancement of technology over the past decade has brought a massive influx of mobility into the workplace. Many companies initially embraced this through corporate mobile device programs, and soon after, through personal device policies which are also known as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

As today's workplace is becoming increasingly modern, the requirement for integration of mobile devices is growing rapidly. Companies are starting to see the great benefits to both the business and the end-user such as increases in productivity, centralized access of business applications and corporate data.

However, as the number of mobile devices in an organization increases, so do the management and security-related requirements. That's where Mobile Device Management, or MDM, from Koroti Technologies, comes in. We provide mobile device management solutions and mobile device monitoring for companies in the Isle of Palms, SC area. Our team has applied experience executing mobile device management solutions for a variety of companies.

What is MDM?

Mobile Device Management is a security software utilized to track, monitor, and protect company-issued and personal mobile devices such as laptop, smartphones, and tablets.

It is also a tool that can push software updates, manage user settings, remotely clean and wipe devices, and administer compliance standards across all devices.

Benefits of MDM

  • Keep all devices compliant with recent updates
  • Configure devices for new employees quickly and remotely
  • Deliver and manage documents across all devices in one place
  • Control application settings and updates
  • Cost-efficient to the company and comfort for end-users

Kotori Technologies has years of combined experience and expertise in helping organizations with mobile device monitoring solutions. Contact us at (843) 553-8800 and let's talk about workplace mobility.