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You expect a great deal from your people. Are they wasting time waiting on their technology to catch up or is your technology waiting for their skills to catch up?

Take advantage of our rich experience in the IT industry as we integrate virtualization into your operating environment. Virtualization is perfect for businesses that have a limited budget on acquiring IT computing resources and hardware. Virtualization also assists many business owners that want to improve efficiency and performance, without breaking the bank.

Enabling virtualization opens up different opportunities and functions for your computing resources. Among these are the following.

servers for a virtual server installation


  • Fewer physical servers required.
  • Ability to continue using legacy software.
  • Reduced maintenance and energy costs.
  • Quicker and easier backup and disaster recovery.
  • Enables move to the cloud.
  • Longer hardware refresh cycles.
  • Instant offsite access to files and applications.
  • More efficient deployment of hardware and software installation and upgrades.
  • Less time spent providing desk side support.

Our team at Kotori Technologies help

s companies with server virtualization solutions, support and consulting services in Summerville, SC. Our server virtualization consultants can help your company configure your current virtualization, or setup your first virtualized server. We have extensive experience across a variety of verticals, both SMBs and enterprises.

We’ll handle your move to virtual servers.

Kotori Technologies provides Virtual Server installation, support and consulting services. We’ll let you take advantage of what today’s IT has to offer, at an affordable price. Our IT virtualization team will handle your project and reduce your hardware costs in a way that is compliant with global standards and policies. We will also set up your virtual server to run according to your operational workflow and business preferences. Contact us today with your questions regarding virtualization, and we’ll walk you through how we can help!