Kotori Technologies is determined to be the IT company in Charleston known for helping its clients. So this week, we are diverting from the typical computer repair and proactive IT tips and having a fun tip.  As I was researching this week, I came across a really cool website. It is especially helpful for people like me, who do a lot of internet research. There are times that I have two or three Internet Explorer windows open with two or three tabs on each one. Then I get confused as to which window I need at the moment and which tab it is in. Well, I have finally found a site to help condense some of that into one window.
Try typing into your address bar. What you should see is Google in four different windows on the same screen. This site works better with browsers like IE8, Firefox, or Chrome. It also is better visible with a bigger monitor, it will save some scrolling.  Now, you don’t have to keep them all at Google searches, you can open Wikipedia with a click of the mouse.  You can also click the green arrow and go to a different site.  Go back to Google with the click of a mouse on the Google icon. You can restore closed Google searches, change their layout, or find other Google sites with the menu list in the lower left corner. You can also close out one or more of the windows for a better view of the page.
This site can come in handy for sooo many reasons. Think of all the times you are comparing products or prices and how many windows and tabs you have open, not to mention the ones you close by accident. I hope that this site will help you out as much as it did me. My internet searches will be much more organized now.


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