Kotori Is In the Cloud

A few weeks ago, Kotori Technologies moved their servers to our Windstream datacenter. At our office Kotori Technologies is officially “in the cloud”. The project consisted of creating 2 new virtual servers in our server farm and taking a physical server and converting it to a virtual server. In the scope of the project we were able to decommission 5 physical servers. Not only will this allow us to save energy (doing our part to help Earth be healthier) with less servers running, but space at the office as well. Now that the servers are at the datacenter, we decrease the risk of downtime due to our ISP, decreased our risk of natural disaster destroying the servers at the office and increased our uptime.

In making this move, it is going to allow us to offer many more services for our clients in the near future. We are extremely excited about these upcoming opportunities. Make sure you are checking Facebook and our Newsletters for updates on what we will be offering.