Kotori Spotlight: Derek Iannelli-Smith

Sometimes your technology just needs to work. We like to say that because; when you’re a business owner it’s absolutely true. But we want to be more than some nameless, faceless team that helps you. We want to be your trusted partner in technology. It’s in that spirit that we want you to meet the team and get to know the people who are here for you and your business. For this month’s Kotori Spotlight, we wanted to take some time and let you get to know our Chief Operations Officer Derek Iannelli-Smith.

What Brought You To Technology?

I’ve always been extremely fascinated with it. The speed at which it moves and develops, the access to information it provides us with, and the accountability in that world of technology are all incredibly interesting. Technology connects us and shapes the world around us in truly remarkable ways.

What Brought You To Kotori? What Makes it Different?

Kotori acquired my company, Outsourced CIO, LLC, in 2020. That brought me here into a new role as Chief Operating Officer. It’s a very different experience for me. I’m an integrator by nature and I get to fulfill that role now as a COO at Kotori.

What Makes You Passionate About What You Do?

My life is guided by my faith, and this is in my mission field and ministry. I feel called to be a 360-degree leader, facilitating growth in everyone around me. Our work with business owners is very much a part of that, as our technology solutions facilitate the growth of their businesses and of their lives as well. This is all rooted in my desire to live my entire life with gospel intentionality while resting in my gospel identity because of the implications of gospel power and purpose.

What’s Something Weird About You?

I have an eidetic memory.

What’s the Best Lesson You’ve Learned in Life?

That everyone is made in the image of God and deserves respect. Also, don’t climb a mountain when there is an elevator next door.

We hope you enjoyed Kotori Spotlight: Derek Iannelli-Smith and can’t wait to bring you the next one!

When You’re Busy, Technology Just Needs to Work

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