Kotori Spotlight: Neadom Tucker

Sometimes your technology just needs to work. We like to say that because; when you’re a business owner it’s absolutely true. But we want to be more than some nameless, faceless team that helps you. We want to be your trusted partner in technology. It’s in that spirit that we want you to meet the team and get to know the people who are here for you and your business. We’re kicking off these Kotori Spotlights with our very own Founder, Neadom Tucker.

What Brought You Into Technology

I think when I was young going through college. I was always into computers and video games and, when I decided that I want to be in film at the University of Central Florida, I got involved with the Photography Department.

Somehow they got involved with the Army and Kodak. They were building one of the first photo realistic tank simulators and that’s kind of when I really saw technology working. It was pretty interesting to me so, when I got done with college, decided that I wanted to stay in photography and technology.

Somehow, I started getting into databases and application development, so I started my company in 2000 called TMI. I had a business partner and we were doing application development, building web pages, and creating databases. Then it kind of morphed into something else and just kept growing to where I am today.

It’s been a crazy ride, but I’ve loved learning and growing in technology as I am running an IT company. Nothing quite like it.

Why did you build Kotori? What makes it different?

Kotori started after shutting down TMI. We decided that we wanted more of a consulting firm versus a PC fix it shop and so we started Kotori.  

The name Kotori comes from a Hopi word the stand for screech owl spirit. I’m Osage Indian, and so the Native American culture is a big part of my life that I wanted to bring to the company conceptually and through the work we do. It also means owl in Japanese. We reflect that concept in the owl eyes on the logo. (The name of that owl is KREG by the way. Kotori Remote Endpoint Guru). We’re always watching over clients 24/7. Our techs are working actively during the day and at night our owl is monitoring services and watching over clients.

The reason we started Kotori is simply to help businesses grow. A lot of times business owners don’t know what to do or how to run a business. People aren’t born business owners and many of them didn’t go to business school. I suffered from the same issue and did not understand what a balance sheet was or understand how to read P&L. I really want to help business owners grow. Helping them understand technology and how it applies to their business is a critical part of that growth.

What Makes You Passionate About What You Do?

I think I’m passionate because I enjoy seeing the companies be successful. Seeing one of our clients expand their offices to new territories and grow their business is incredible. Being a part of that is really amazing. That’s what I see as our success, helping business owners achieve their goals. It means we’ve affected lives.

Our company vision is “to impact people in a positive way.” This is just one of the opportunities we get to impact not only the business, and its owners, but also the employees in the company. That’s exactly what we want to do, impact them in a positive way. That’s why I’m passionate about this thing we’re in.

(H2) What’s Something Weird About You?

I’m Osage Indian and I go to Powwows and I sing Native American Indian Southern Style Powwow music all across the Southeast.  Here is one on YouTube from 2015:

What’s the Best Life Lesson You’ve Learned?

This goes back to my passion for positively impacting people. My personal vision is to positively impact generations of people. A while back I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad. The author talks about his rich dad and his poor dad, the two role models in his youth. The poor dad was his biological father while the rich dad was the father of his best friend.

The book is really a real estate book, but what I got out of it is that everyone needs coaches and mentors. Look at any of the most successful people on Earth, and you’ll find they all had multiple coaches throughout their lives. To truly accomplish the things you want to accomplish, you need that coach or mentor to help you get there.

That really resonated with me. I view it as my job in this life to help people wherever the need for that help is for them. It may just be a small thing, something you wouldn’t really think much about. But some people just need that little stepping stone to get the moving forward. It can really change a life. People need a helping hand sometimes. I’ve learned that.

Living my life and seeking the opportunity to be that helping hand, that coach, or that mentor has been one of the greatest blessings.

When You’re Busy, Technology Just Needs to Work

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