Power of Social Networking

As usual, it is the last minute and I have to get an article written for the very newsletter/blog post you are reading right now. I was staring out of my office window going, what am I going to talk about this month?! Then it hit me.

Yesterday, I had a meeting with one of our clients, Keller Williams, in West Ashley. I finished up with lunch and I was starving! So I passed by this little strip mall and low and behold I saw this huge sign that said Noodle House. I love Asian Cuisine! Mostly the rice and noodle dishes. I like it hot and spicy. I made a quick left turn into the strip mall and parked the truck. From the outside you really could not tell much, but I saw this sign that said, “In a Hurry? Carry Out! Check us out on Facebook or www.risonoodlehouse.com. It really got me thinking! Wow does that really work? Well I got the courage to adventure in to this new restaurant to eat at. The first thing the young lady tells me is about their red and green curry dishes. I told her I wanted something with noodles that was spicy. She said they could make any dish spicy. I choose the beef noodles HOT! I don’t want this to be about a food review but the food was GREAT! I had to add more heat for my tastes as I like to sweat when I eat spicy foods! One word… Yummy!

Here is my point. When I was done eating this refreshing meal, I wanted to tell all my friends about the great place I just ate at. I wanted them to come and enjoy it as well. I mean if the restaurant can’t get enough business to say open then another great unknown business falls by the wayside and I can’t get my spicy beef noodles. I was thinking about how I could easily do it and then it hit me. When I first walked in, they said they had a Facebook page. I will use that as my soap box. I will sing it from the roof tops that if you like good Asian food check this place out. It’s not a buffet it is just good food!!

So my question to you is this, do you make it easy for your clients or customers to toot your horn about how great you have been? If not, make it so simple that they just WANT to. If you don’t even have a website you should at least have a Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page. Talk about your work and let folks comment. Invite your friends. They are your biggest fans!