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Kotori Technologies, LLC is committed to ensuring your right to privacy and protecting your personal information. Please direct questions involving any information you may have disclosed on our site, or any additional privacy concerns to  [email protected].

We are aware that our visitors and clients value transparency, and want our visitors to be aware of what information, if any, is collected and stored by Kotori Technologies, LLC. This privacy policy explains how your personal information may be used and or stored.

By visiting our site, you agree to the terms of this privacy policy, and acknowledge receipt.

As a visitor on, it is your responsibility to review this privacy policy in the case of any updates or changes. We will notify you when any changes are made.

INFORMATION WE COLLECT will only collect the personal information you provide to us, which may be personal identifiers voluntarily given as means to provide services to you, our client. This may include your name, your credentials to our customer portal, your company’s name, your title or position, your email address and your phone number. We will not use the site to collect or request any extraneous information that would not be needed to deliver services to you.

We will not collect any identifying information without your permission. Non-personal information such as your Internet protocol number (IP address), browser type, any searches made and how and when you’re viewing the site may be recorded to improve usability of the website for our visitors, but is anonymous and is not attached to any personal information you may disclose.


Some of the features on our website store information as cookies. Cookies are stored on your hard drive, only to be retrieved when you’re on our site. Your web browser settings enable you to prevent cookies from being collected, and can typically be found under its settings or browsing data.


Our website integrates links to other sites that are not managed by Kotori Technologies, LLC, which, as such, may not abide by this same privacy policy. The inclusion of such is not an expression of preference of the services said third party may provide, nor it is an endorsement of the content you may find on their site. Your information will not be shared with those websites without your permission.