Team Building at a Distance

The world has changed. As the second wave of this viral pandemic has set in across the country, the reality of remote organization management has set in as the new status quo instead of a random occurrence. Remote management poses many unique challenges to more traditionally run organizations. One of these is the challenge of team-building at a distance. How exactly do you build a team when the casual interaction of proximity is absent? Don’t worry. We have some suggestions to help you think about your remote team-building strategy.

Keep Communication Active

Communication is best when it’s active, but technology most often serves to make this a more passive process. It’s not enough for you to be present to respond to an email. Leaders seeking to build a team must be actively engaged with the team. Taking the time to reach out, check-in, and invest in your team members is important for any team development. The difference now is that you must be more conscious of the process. Take the time and invest in communicating with your team. You won’t regret it.

Create Opportunities for Engagement

Most successful organizations have a well-established schedule in place. These cover all of the necessary meetings and optimize the use of our time. In this new era of management though these strict schedules also pose a hindrance to team building. Your organization needs to create opportunities to engage beyond the regular staff meeting. Remember that casual office interactions don’t happen in remote work, but they are also vital to the team. You must find ways to create opportunities for engagement among members of the team to succeed.

Keep it Fun

The danger of remote organizations is that they so often blur the line between work and home life. We find ourselves working from the kitchen table and so the whole house becomes an office. This is the same logic that leads all of our organizational interactions to be strictly business-focused. While this seems incredibly efficient, it also treats people like they’re nothing more than cogs in the machine. It’s important for leaders in remote organizations to find ways to socialize with some fun. Whether this is a relaxing happy hour debrief at the end of the week or some joke time in a meeting, you need to make it fun.

Trust us. No one wants to be a cog in a machine.

So focus your efforts on team building at a distance and keep learning.

When You’re Busy, Technology Just Needs to Work

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