BootManager – First Android Multiple Boot Manager

BootManager is an application for android devices that is a first of its kind. First I want to go over a few terms that I will be using in this article.

ROM – A ROM, simply put is a tweaked version of your phone’s operating system. Developers strip it down, remove stock apps and such, and customize it to run as smooth as they can get it.

Rooting – If your phone is rooted, you then have access to do whatever you want to your phone. This can be very dangerous unless you know exactly what you are doing because you can damage your phone permanently if you don’t.

Dual Booting– Dual booting means that you can run multiple Rom’s on your phone and switch between which one you want to start when you turn your phone on.

BootManager is an android application that lets you install more than one ROM on your phone at one time. Just like dual booting your pc with Windows XP and Windows 7. I installed BootManager on my android phone because I love installing custom ROM’s. I always try to see what new features developers can put in to a ROM and to see have fast I can make my phone run. I already had my phone rooted and running a custom ROM. BootManager allowed me to install the second ROM on to my sd card and then boot up in to it. I had fears at first that my phone was going to be sluggish because I was running the entire interface off of my sd card but my phone was almost as fast as the main ROM running off of my phones internal memory.

BootManager is $2.99 in the android market but well worth it if you like to play around with your phone as much as I do. I can now leave my main ROM intact and not worry about messing my phone up or having to spend an hour and a half setting everything back up on it. I can install up to 4 ROM’s on to my SD card and use those slots for testing out new ROM’s. It is a perfect application for what I like to do with my phone.