Network Security Alert: How Will the Internet of Things Make You Vulnerable?

The news is full of stories about successful cyber attacks perpetrated against all kinds of organizations. An increasing number of business owners are placing greater emphasis on cyber security, adopting measures to better protect their devices and network from unauthorized access.

Cyber criminals are always looking for new ways to target businesses. Their tactics include deploying malware and hacking into an employee’s email account. They seek vulnerabilities in every kind of software and hardware you rely on.

Nowadays, and in the coming years, expect them to exploit weaknesses in smart devices. We’re entering the age of the Internet of Things, where various devices ranging from cars to refrigerators will have Internet connectivity. Getting hooked up to the Internet will add new capabilities to these objects, with possible wide-ranging benefits to businesses and consumers. Internet connectivity also exposes these devices to cyber attack.

As discussed in a recent article from ZDNet, cyber criminals have already found ways of hacking into smart devices, such as poorly protected webcams. Whether it’s a car, a medical monitoring device or a motion sensor in your office, if the device is Internet-connected, hackers can potentially gain access to it and to your network and data. They may discover confidential information about your business, steal sensitive data from you, or severely disrupt business operations.

A report featured in Business Insider highlights how a variety of industries, including manufacturing, will undergo major changes as a result of the Internet of Things. You need to already start thinking about how you’ll respond to vulnerabilities in smart devices.

Anticipating new threats is an important part of cyber security. Powerful network security involves finding ways to block, detect and contain intrusions into your network through smart devices. You need to also ensure that the data communicated between devices remains protected from theft and tampering.


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