Replace Your Next Server with Cloud Services

It’s the end of audit season, and your company is probably starting to feel a bit of a data crunch. But when it’s time to find the next solution to your business’s accumulation of data, a local server isn’t the right answer. Here are two reasons to turn to the cloud for your information storage moving forward:

Your employees can reliably access information offsite.

More and more offices are switching to telecommuting and more mobile work. Even if the majority of employees come in to work onsite, your traveling salespeople can’t. A local server can provide data on a local level, especially with a hard-line connection, but accessing the information remotely is always a bit of a gamble. Information on the cloud is available wherever there’s a network connection, and many cloud storage providers are familiar with the security concerns you have and the security requirements your business has to remain compliant with.

You buy only as much storage as you need.

Hardware is expensive. Most small businesses have either of two strategies when buying new servers: they either buy one that’s large enough to last six to twelve months before being full so the upfront cost is manageable, or they buy a much larger one that they’ll be recouping the losses on for months. Neither strategy is profitable. Use the cloud so you only pay for as much storage as you need and you don’t have upfront hardware costs when it’s time to expand. Cloud storage is also getting cheaper and cheaper, which means you don’t have to cut down on security backups and restore points.

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