If backup and recovery concerns don’t keep you up at night, you’ve probably already engaged our services…or you’re simply unaware of the risks and the enormous downside of being ill prepared.

Has Technology Failed to Cover Your @ssets?
At Kotori Technologies, We’ve Got IT Covered.


How quickly can you recover when you server goes down?
Can your organization recover if your system goes down?
What do you have to lose if the company’s server malfunctions for an extended period of time?
How well are your company laptops and desktops backed up?
How often do you test to ensure you are protected against IT disasters?

We tailor your Backup and Recovery services to increase efficiency and decrease concerns.

Providing you more consistent quality, greater productivity and happier customers.

 Disaster Recovery

  • Fast Response
  • Cloud Backups
  • Local & Off-Site Backups
  • Cloud Data Center
  • Off-Site Replication

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