Task Bar Tips

So last week while Neadom was training our new network engineer, Jeffery, he logged into my computer to show him how it is done. That was fine and dandy with me, until he logged out. Once he logged out of my computer, my task bar was at the top of the screen. Neat idea for some, but when you are not used to it, it really throws you off track and makes your mouse work double time, because of habits.

Well, the first thing I did was to do some research to figure out how to move it back. It is really a simple solution for most Windows users.  All you have to do is right click an open space on the task bar to “unlock” the taskbar, then click on the taskbar and drag it to the side or top of your screen. I have since upgraded to Windows 7 and am loving come of the features I have discovered so far. Some of that has to do with the taskbar. I think my favorite is the ability to rearrange the tabs on the taskbar. I use quite a few programs on my computer daily and open them in a certain order so that I don’t have to keep searching the taskbar for them. If for some reason I have to close, say Outlook (the second tab) midmorning, and reopen it, it used to be at the end of my taskbar, causing me lots of confusion. Well now, if I have to close the program, the icon is permanently in the same place on the taskbar. (To save an icon on the taskbar, simply right click and select “pin to taskbar”.) When I come into the office in the mornings, all my “essential” programs are already in the correct order on my taskbar and with one click of the icons, they are up and running. And if I choose to rearrange the tabs, all I have to do is click and drag it.

I was just upgraded to Windows 7 on Wednesday, so I am still experimenting and will update you on the new features and, of course, any tips I find.