Virus Attack of the Mac!!!

Over the years we keep preaching, you need good anti-virus software on all your computers.  I must talk about it every time someone asks me about a new computer.   For years the Mac users always told me,  I don’t need anti-virus software for my Mac it does not get viruses.  Well for the most part that was true.  However, it is not true because Mac’s are impervious to viruses.  The simple fact is that they are not that popular yet with the masses.  I am sure the Mac addict will call me on the floor with this but it is true,  the world is still running Windows.  Windows has a much larger market penetration than Macs do.  However, this is starting to change as more and more folks get Macs.  The hacker and malware writers are seeing that more and more consumers are using Macs.

Recently this month there was a new Mac Defender virus that came out.  It is a bit like the fake Windows Anti-Virus application.  It pops up on your screen telling you that you have a virus.  See a full write up at ARS Technica.  If you have the virus or may be victim to this scam please review the Mac support article.

I say it again.  If you own a pc, mobile phone or even a tablet and surf the internet a lot doing research or doing whatever it is that you do. We highly suggest that you get a good anti-virus program for your pc.  When you get it make sure you have it setup properly to protect you and your data from the hackers and data thieves.  If you are looking for a few good suggestions take a look at the following: Vipre, Kaspersky, ESET (PC and Mac). For our clients we suggest Vipre.  The others that are listed are good as well.