Businesses Set to Adopt More VoIP Phone Systems in 2015

If you’re a business owner, chances are good you’ve heard of VoIP phone systems. VoIP, or voice over Internet protocol, is just a fancy way of saying that you’re using the Internet instead of a traditional phone line to make your calls. If your business already has a high-speed Internet connection, then there’s no reason not to use that connection for all your calls, particularly since VoIP is significantly less expensive than traditional phone systems, and it’s getting less expensive every day.

In fact, according to DID For Sale, VoIP is likely to see a huge expansion among businesses in 2015.

How Much Will VoIP Phone Systems Grow?

Judging from market research, and the forecasts that have been made based on these numbers, it’s likely that VoIP services used by business will double in 2015. That would bring the value of the VoIP industry to around $76.1 billion, the estimates say.

The reasons for this growth are simple; ease of use, and lower costs. VoIP phone systems have reached the point where they’re simple to install, and many times they can fit right into your business’s pre-existing infrastructure. So, while there will be an initial start-up fee and the cost of the equipment itself, businesses will see an immediate savings with VoIP. This is particularly true for businesses who make a lot of international calls, which is where VoIP’s low rates really stand out.

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