BYOD Pros and Cons

BYOD can be a great benefit to your company, but it does come with some risks. If you are willing to integrate this properly into your company, your company will not only remain secure, but better off than it was before.


It can greatly reduce the burden of providing devices to employees, there is no need to worry if your devices are up to date, your employees take care of that all on their own. There is no learning curve that comes with giving an employee an unfamiliar device, it encourages connections between employees and after hour work. Most importantly, it attracts employees that are independent, driven and willing to work mobile. The benefits of BYOD far outweigh any risks.


The risks should definitely be taken seriously, though. Allowing your employees to use their own personal devices without any security measures is asking for data leaks. There has been a recent increase in viruses designed specifically for Android devices, and there is even more risk if an employees device is rooted or jail broken. Some apps for mobile devices ask for many invasive permissions that are often overlooked and granted at their installation. An employees device could be accessed on public wi-fi, mobile cloud storage could be accessed remotely. There is no reason to fear these things with the right preparation though.



Many companies have managed this transition to BYOD and increased their productivity and efficiency, your company can be one of them. How can your company pass go and collect its two hundred dollars? Get some help from Kotori Technologies, contact the experienced professionals that know exactly what it takes to keep your data secure.