Creating a successful routine

Working from home is a challenge for many people. Taking someone out of the structured environment of an office and putting them in their living room, usually in sweat pants, tends to lead to a loss of efficiency. Since the pandemic continues, and these conditions don’t show immediate signs of change, we’ve endeavored to share helpful thoughts to improve your home/work environment. One thing that can help is to create a successful routine. But how do you build one? Follow these guidelines.

Know Yourself

Only you know what will distract you and lead you to a wasted day. Maybe you focus well with music. Maybe you need silence. Are you a morning person? Or is the evening more for you? Do you need more or less structure to your schedule? These answers are different for everyone and, if you’re going to create a successful routine, you need to know yourself and what will or won’t work for your day.

Know Your Work

While knowing yourself is important, you also need to know your job and the requirements it has. If you deal with a lot of clients or conduct a number of Zoom meetings then you probably need more quiet and a more professional appearance. Your schedule is also probably more regimented. Maybe you’re a developer who works better in the evening and doesn’t need to be available in the mornings. These are factors you need to know and pair with what you know about yourself.

Consistency is Key

The key to your routine is to make it consistent. This probably seems like common sense, but it’s usually one of the biggest challenges with routines. We want a different one every day and soon we’re struggling again. Set the routine so you can follow it every workday. This sets you up for success and will make it easier to fully integrate into your day.

When You’re Busy, Technology Just Needs to Work

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