Disaster Recovery: Plan to Keep Your Business Up and Running

Some form of disaster will affect computer users unexpectedly when least anticipated. Recovering from either a natural or a man-made disaster speaks volumes about your business and the preparedness systems that are already in place. It is important to have a backup and disaster recovery plan in use before any emergency makes that plan a necessity.

Seconds to Spare

The business executive with time to think through a plan is already on the road to recovery. However, anticipating a disaster is difficult for some people who cannot imagine those things that could go wrong. Put some of these on your short list:

  • Extreme adverse weather
  • Earthquake
  • Blizzard conditions
  • EMP attack – solar or otherwise
  • Act of terrorism
  • Invasion from the air
  • Civil unrest and riots

A short list should address five out of the seven situations above. If your business must be up and running at all times, any disaster recovery plan should already be functional. Failure to plan means that your business is planning to fail. It does not need to be this way.

Strategic Planning

Too many things can go wrong with technology on a normal daily basis. Imagine the unanticipated things that could happen spontaneously. Therefore, each day should end with a data backup either onsite or externally so this protective action becomes a habit. That backup must have a secure hiding place.

Some top considerations for this storage of data include:

  • A safe place to keep the backup in case there is an office fire
  • Secure place that only one or two others know how to reach and retrieve it
  • A cool, dry place above the flood zone and away from pipes that could burst
  • Onsite or in a secure data center off the premises

The businesses with a relaxed approach to backup security stand to risk the destruction of critical company data and the possible breach of client trust. Backup and disaster recovery is not something that occurs in a few minutes or hours. It could take days or weeks to sort all of the tasks you need to consider.


When you contact us, we will explain your options and the process and location that insures data is 100% secure from any threat that comes along.