Who's Minding IT After the Lights Are Out?

The Internet is Always On – But You’re Not

The Internet is always “on”. Every hour of every day, it’s there to give your employees access to key systems they need to do their jobs, and to provide information and complete transactions for your customers. So everyone has come to expect that anything they can access on the Internet is going to be available 24×7. But when you’re not on the job, how do you know that all systems are up and running – meeting the needs and expectations of everyone who counts on them?

Identify Issues Before They Become Problems

You might be thinking, “Well, if a system goes down at 3 AM, will it really matter?” It might affect nobody at all, or just one night-bird. So how big a problem is that… Should you really worry?

But if you don’t know about a service issue and don’t start addressing it until 8 or 9 AM, this might be a bigger deal after all. Now you’re into prime-time, and the impact to your business could be pretty significant.

Automated Network Monitoring and Alerts

One way to approach this situation is through the use of automated Network Monitoring and Alerts. Network Monitoring tools can verify access to all your critical web pages and systems, can help you track the frequency and duration of outages, and initiate action any time it determines that something is amiss.

By identifying all of the key systems, pages, and transactions that your business needs to have available at all times, automated processes can be set up from one or more outside locations. Once they’re set up, these tools will periodically verify that everything is up and running as expected.

Based on how critical a given system is, it can be checked every 5 minutes, just once every few hours, or anything in between. The frequency for verification can be customized on a case by case basis. And the form of problem notification can be tailored to your needs as well, ranging from email to text messages, and either immediately, or after several failed tries to access a system.

Once this is all in place, you’ll have a lot more peace of mind – and the ability to get on top of outages and address them before they become big problems.

How Can You Get Started? 


The team at Kotori Technologies is skilled and well-educated regarding the various tools and best practices to protect your business with proactive network monitoring. Please contact us and we’ll help you take the steps you need to get up and running. And if we see a pattern of failures over time, we can help you proactively improve your systems to head-off issues before they become problems.