How IT Consulting Will Benefit Your Business

Every business needs good IT support, but hiring someone in-house to serve your IT needs can be costly. Many small and medium sized businesses simply don’t have the budget (or the need) to pay someone a good salary plus benefits for day-to-day IT. On the flip side, too often CEOs and CFOs take it upon themselves to wear the IT hat on top of all their other tasks, which can cost even more money and time, especially if they aren’t trained in IT. Instead of attempting a DIY method of IT or keeping someone staffed in-house, outsource your IT to an IT consulting firm to save time and money while getting the experience and expertise your company needs and deserves for its IT support. 

Save time and money

Sure, it’s a cliche, but the old adage “time is money” applies to your business. You lose valuable company time and spend unnecessary money every hour that your system is down. A 2013 Ponemon Institute study found that downtime costs businesses on average $7,900 per minute. Can your company afford that type of loss? We didn’t think so. Working with an IT consulting firm can save you time by getting your system back up and running quickly and efficiently. Further, by performing routine maintenance and upgrades, an IT consulting firm can prevent downtime by fixing problems you didn’t even know existed. Preventing issues from arising in the first place is crucial in avoiding unnecessary downtime. Best of all, you only pay when you need services.

Experience and Expertise

One of the  main benefits of working with an IT consulting firm is that you aren’t limited to just one tech to solve your problems. Everyone working in the IT firm has experience and focused expertise, meaning you are guaranteed to have someone on hand who can solve your technical problem, no matter how complicated it is. And because the IT firm specializes in IT, you can rest assured knowing that each consultant is trained on the latest technology to expedite the problem solving process.


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