Having a Hard Time with IT Workforce Management and Hiring? Here's Why

For decades, businesses worldwide have bustled along with only accounting and finance departments; human resources divisions; marketing departments; R&D teams; purchasing departments; production departments, and management teams. However, times have changed enough that corporations in every industry must now add an IT department to this list in order to maintain a competitive edge, protect their data and develop their brand. Unfortunately though, for many companies, this is easier said than done.

Because of high demand, technology professionals expect high salaries; exceptional benefits packages; and ideal working environments. And though most professionals want these things, unlike many professionals, IT professionals don’t have to compromise for less than that in 2015.

There’s very little competition in the field, since so few people really understand how modern technology works; yet everyone demands sophisticated devices, high-tech software, secure data, secure data exchanges, and user-friendly web platforms.

Though it would seem like job candidates would be clamoring to get an IT degree and tripping over one another to come apply for these open positions at your company; the IT field is not a candidate rich market. In fact, most IT professionals are happy with their current jobs — and hefty salary and benefits packages no doubt; and have no interest in finding new work. In fact, according to a recent poll, out of 4800 IT professionals polled, only 9% wanted to get a new job at a different company.

How We Can Help

Hiring the right IT professionals and then managing that team requires a skill set all its own. Your average office manager doesn’t have the IT workforce management skills he would need to manage a technology team effectively. It’s just a fact. With:

  • All the corporate, government and domestic security threats lurking; 
  • The need for secure backup, secure storage and disaster recovery; 
  • The growing corporate demand for cloud integration, and 
  • So much more;

Your CTO must completely understand the task at hand for that day. And experience has shown us that when it comes to technology, the task at hand can change drastically from day-to-day.


At Kotori Technologies, we manage IT departments for companies of all sizes and we do it well. We offer IT team management services you can trust. This is because we know the business side of the technology industry as well as the hardware, software and web environments your team will encounter. Contact us to learn how we can improve your office efficiency today!