What Could Go Wrong If You Don't Have a Strong IT Change Management Plan?

Businesses are dynamic; they grow or scale back or develop in new directions. Among the parts of your business that require well-managed change and updating is your IT configuration.

In order to successfully implement IT changes across your system, you need to do careful planning and rely on clear documentation and processes. When it comes to IT change management, what can happen if you don’t have a plan?

Let’s say you need to make a company-wide change to an accounting software. You’re switching from one accounting program to another. Without a change management plan, the following are some of the serious problems you could suffer:

  • Loss of data, as the information doesn’t get transferred seamlessly from one program to another.
  • Costly downtime, as your company experiences an interruption in software service.
  • Frustration, as your employees don’t know how to adapt to the new software.
  • Expensive delays, as you realize that the new software isn’t fully compatible with your system.
  • Lack of coordination, as different branches or departments of your business don’t get updated in sync with each other.
  • Confusion, as you lack the proper documentation to keep track of previous changes you’ve made and previous versions of the software you used.
  • Increased vulnerability, as the changes you implement open up holes in your cyber-security.

An effective IT change management plan applies to every facet of your IT configuration; you need it in a variety of situations, from updating the software you use to changing the networking cables or computing devices you rely on. And because your IT operations are essential for every aspect of your business, from sales to marketing to accounting, your business success depends in part on a strong change management plan.


You might be thinking to yourself that you don’t have the time or trained personnel to work out an effective IT change management plan. That’s why you should rely on professional IT assistance. Contact us to find out more about our services, which will help ensure that when you make changes to your IT configuration, they’ll be smooth, secure, and efficient, reducing your chances of costly problems.