Preparing for an Inevitable Cyber-Attack with Strong Network Security

You never know when you’ll be the victim of a cyber-attack.

Cyber-criminals look to exploit every possible vulnerability that will give them access to your network and your data. They will try to get at you through every bit of hardware you use, through every software program, and through email attachments – basically every opportunity they can find.

For example, just this past October, Drupal made the announcement that there was a serious security flaw in their website-building and design software. People using Drupal, including many business owners, had only seven hours after the October 15th announcement to update the software. Those who didn’t update it within that window of time had to assume that their websites were now hacked, with the hackers able to extract sensitive data from the sites and possibly use the sites to spread malware to additional computing devices.

Preparing for the inevitable

If you haven’t been the victim of a cyber-attack, either you’ve been lucky and cyber-criminals haven’t found you yet, or they have found you but you haven’t detected them in your system.

When it comes to strong network security, what you need includes the following:

  • A reliable way to detect cyber-attacks or other suspicious activity on your network.
  • The commitment to regularly updating your security.
  • Knowledge of the latest security threats.
  • The ability to respond quickly to prevent, repel, or contain the damage of an attack.
  • The use of powerful protective measures to keep your sensitive data as safe as possible.

Don’t hesitate to  contact us for professional assistance. Cyber-security is a race between you and the cyber-criminals trying to gain access to your network. Even if your business is small in scale, as soon as cyber-criminals find out you exist they will go after you. We can help you be prepared for the inevitable attacks.