When should you replace your work computer?

Your company runs on its technology. Our computers and other devices run so many of our business processes, from logistics to human resources. With all of these components relying on our information technology, you’d assume we would want to make certain we’re on the cutting edge. Actually, that’s not typically the case. In fact, one of the most common questions is this; when should you replace the company computer?

Well, let’s take a moment to answer it.

When Should Your Replace It?

Replacing your company computer is an important decision. We recommend that you replace these machines every three years. But there are some other indicators that you should replace your work computers as well. One indicator is to take a look at the last six months and see if your service calls for the machine in question have significantly increased. If they have, it’s time to replace. Also ask how many total service calls you’ve had. If the machine in question has had 5 or more major service calls initiated, then it’s time for you to replace as well.

While these three aren’t the only means to judge replacement of your work computers, they do form a basic set of questions to ask.


This amount of time isn’t arbitrary by any means. Generally, computer warranties only last about 3 years. While some groups recommend replacement every five years, warranties are incredibly important for business owners as they can ultimately save you money on your technology. But warranty concerns aren’t the only reason.

There is also the issue of increasing technological capability. We’ve seen throughout the years that technology increases more and more over the years, and you may find that the capabilities of your work machine simply don’t keep up with what you need. Replacing every three years, as a general rule, should keep you relatively up to date with new software. But remember, this will depend on your industry as well so know your specifics.

In the end, the reason you want to keep your tech within three years of purchase is because this is your business. It’s important to keep your technology on the leading edge and enable you to do business better.

When You’re Busy, Technology Just Needs to Work

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