Where's My Cursor?

I found an interesting tip this week for all of us “blind” people. If you have eagle eyes, like Neadom, you can skip this tip. But, if you have a hard time seeing your cursor, especially next to a couple of “l”s, you better keep on reading. This tip is to enlarge your cursor in a couple of steps.
If you have Windows Vista like me, click on “Start”, “Control Panel” “Ease of Access Center”, “Optimize Visual Display”. Near the bottom of that screen, you will see “Making Things on the Screen Easier to See”. You will then see an option to set the thickness of the blinking cursor. Set it to the desired width (Mine is now a three.) and it will not hide between the “l’s” anymore.
If you have Windows XP, like Rene, click “Start”, “Control Panel”, “Accessibility Options”, choose “Display Tab” and then you will see “Cursor Options”. You can set your width by sliding the bar. Rene also achieved this tip and found a way to enlarge the text size of all windows. (That maybe a tip for another day.)