3 Network Security Threats That Can Impact Your Business

Huge data breaches and software security vulnerabilities have made the subject of network security threats a major topic for most business owners. There are many new security risks popping up that are threatening businesses and consumers alike. Below are three big security risks to stay aware of to help protect your business.

DDoS Attacks

Denial-of-service attacks do not steal information directly or cause any major harm. They mostly overwhelm a website or service with so much traffic that it prevents users from connecting. These attacks are becoming more sophisticated in the way they go about attacking. Now attackers are moving beyond flooding a website with traffic and can adapt based on the types of defenses a network has in place.

Social Media Threats

These types of threats are on the rise. New techniques are constantly developed to exploit the various popular social networks. Attackers attempt to steal user credentials and trick users into clicking malicious links. Attackers use social media attacks to spread malware and steal customer information.

Mobile Malware

With the millions of people using mobile devices, it is no surprise that attackers will find ways to spread malware on mobile phones. Mobile malware has not become prevalent as of yet so most people do not worry about the fear of an attack. However, with such a huge number of mobile devices in use on a daily basis, the likelihood of a major mobile malware attack is bound to happen.

This is a very short list of new security threats that are on the rise. It is important to stay aware of these threats so that your business is not caught off guard. 

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