5 things you didn’t know about Outlook

Email client Microsoft Outlook is an essential part of your office technology solutions. From scheduling to on-the-go tasking, the application is a great addition to your daily workflow. On the surface, this workplace essential is straight forward, but Outlook actually has quite a few tricks up its sleeve.

To help make the most of this tool, we’ve compiled a shortlist of Outlook’s superpowers that you might not have heard of yet:

  1. Send as permissions
    • If you’re coordinating with a schedule other than your own, this feature could be your saving grace. Outlook allows you to send a calendar invite or email on behalf of your coworker or boss, saving you the awkward e-introductions.
  2. Mail rules
    • Setting up email rules in your inbox is a great way to toggle the volume button on a noisy inbox. Outlook will automatically scan your inbox for messages with certain subject lines, from specific senders, or with
  3. Schedule email delivery
    • Whether it be late-night thoughts or congratulatory note on someone’s hire anniversary, you can use this feature to make sure your messages get sent just in time.
  4. Send to undisclosed-recipients
    • Ideal for mass emailing or email marketing, allows you to conceal the recipients’ email addresses. Not only does this look neater, but it also keeps your email list or subscribers’ email addresses secure.
  5. Enhance your experience with add-ins
    • Think of add-ins in Outlook as bonus features. These add-ins give you more flexibility with options for customization, tracking and organizing inside of Outlook are available. You can find the complete add-in catalog here.

This is only a glimpse of what Outlook has to offer. The entire Office 365 Suite offers teams ample options to boost productivity and save time in the workplace.