The Top Ten List of Managed Services

David Letterman made the Top Ten List a staple of his show and according to ADWEEK, by the end of his late-night tenure, Letterman had presented over 4,600 Top 10 lists. You can find Top Ten Lists about everything, animals, music, foods, books, lifestyles, and managed services is no different. If you need a few reasons to investigate managed services, here is a list of the top ten benefits to consider.

1. Cost Control – You only pay for what you use, not every business needs a full-time IT position. Whatever your needs are, a managed service provider is able to fulfill those requirements at a cost you can control.

2. Security – Do you allow employees to bring their own devices to work? Can your firewall provide protection for all devices currently connected to your system? These are issues a managed services provider can take control of from the start of the contract relationship.

3. Compliance – For instance, transactions such as credit card payments, wire transfers or e-checks come with due diligence requirements and PCI Council Compliance Standards.  Situations of which a managed services provider will be aware.

4. 24/7 Support – You will have assistance available at all hours and everyday of the year.

5. Access to Specialists – Each IT circumstance requires specialized services and a managed services provider will have the right person in place for your unique situation.

6. Effortless Implementation – When you need new software or updates, there is someone available to make sure your data transitions and your business continues to function smoothly with no downtime or loss.

7. Risk Reduction – Businesses face potential online risks constantly. A managed service provider is always on the outlook for problem areas, new viruses, and online intrusions that can cause loss and security problems. They “have your back” in more ways than one.

8. Focus On What You Do Best – Managed service providers take the stress of worry about your system management from your shoulders and put it on theirs. Now you can do what you are good at and focus on building your bottom-line.

9. Levels the Playing Field – Businesses have limited resources, managers have limited time, and small businesses may be unable to have an “IT Department.” Contracting with a managed services company gives everyone access to the same technology and expertise required to do business in the web-based world of today.

10. Peace of Mind – The distractions of a complex IT situation should not be part of your business day. An infrastructure that remains continuously up to date and secure is the foundation of a peaceful work environment and a competitive advantage.

Managed services, the practice of outsourcing day-to-day IT responsibilities, is capable of enhancing the business practices for both large and small companies. Contact us to learn about the numerous benefits that you can gain through a trusted managed services relationship with Kotori Technologies, LLC.