Four Things Network Monitoring Can Save

If your company has ever experienced a costly network failure during what otherwise would have been high production hours, you’re probably wondering what you can do to prevent or minimize the problem next time it occurs. Luckily, network monitoring can save these four crucial elements of a successful business:

1. Productive time

The earlier you detect a problem, the earlier you can correct it. The early warning a network monitoring system can give you often makes all the difference between a quick repair job and a half-day of lost productivity for your entire company. 

2. Money

Wages paid to employees who can’t access their projects are lost profits. Factoring in any data lost and any repair costs can bring the totals up to truly impressive numbers. A large company can lose an average of $100,000 for each hour of downtime. Smaller businesses lose money at different rates depending on their size and other factors, but you can see that wasted time translates to wasted money, underscoring how important it is to have an early warning system in place.

3. Your professional edge

The problems caused by a network downtime just a few hours long during a workday can set your company back enough that you have a hard time keeping up with your competition. Network monitoring can let you know about outages immediately so you can circumvent this problem by getting your network back up almost as soon as it goes down.

4. Your company’s reputation

Network downtime can result in late shipments, lost customers, and negative reviews. Your company’s reputation for great customer service is on the line, and the sooner you can get networks up again and resume tending to your customers, the less damage it will accrue.


Network monitoring can save you a lot of stress by saving these four crucial assets of your business. If you’d like to give it a try, please contact us today for more details.