How to protect yourself from crisis phishing scams

There is a lot of opportunities that can be found in the middle of a crisis. Smart and adaptable entrepreneurs often turn seemingly devastating situations into incredible pivots in their businesses. Unfortunately, criminals also believe that a crisis presents incredible opportunities. New scams seem to emerge every day and it can be difficult to keep up with them. Phishing scams are some of the most popular against both individuals and organizations. So, how does your organization protect from crisis phishing scams? Here are three tips to help.

1. Research the Threat

Researching the available threats and known scams are the best place to start. Preventative research allows you and your organization to be aware and vigilant. You can spread this knowledge to the rest of your organization, keeping everyone safer by keeping them aware. Remember that this research effort needs to be constant and not just a one-time event.

2. Open Communication

Open communication with your organization goes hand-in-hand with researching threats. By having open communication within your team, you help to ensure that people are aware of the existent threats and are actively working to prevent them. The bottom line, in any crisis we should be communicating.

3. Encourage Reporting

Communication is great, but you need to have a formal and accessible means of reporting threats in place as well. If these attacks are only communicated via normal channels, it becomes difficult to disseminate the information to the rest of the team. Set up a means of reporting an attack. Tell everyone how to do it and encourage them to report as well. This will keep you aware of new attacks that may not have made your research yet and it will help keep your organization safe. Remember to just focus on protection from crisis phishing scams and everything should be fine.

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