Network Monitoring and Scale-able Solutions for SMBs

Small to medium-sized businesses are no stranger to the ebbs and flows of technological trends and requirements. These SMBs are at an unfair advantage when it comes to matching their needs with IT assistance. The cost of keeping an IT department on-site can make it very difficult for an SMB to keep a competitive edge.  Productivity relies heavily on technological solutions. When these solutions are “offline” or “out-of-date”, business operations essentially come to a screeching halt. Many SMBs spend too much time filling the holes in their IT bubble rather than focusing on the core objective of their business. This is where the bottom-line can go bottoms-up.

Any manager or business owner would be lying if they said they never had to deal with system outages. Unpredictable blackouts can create an abundance of issues, not to mention lack of productivity. Fortunately, there are other solutions for SMB IT dilemmas. Kotori Technologies provides essential technological services and hardware for SMBs. Not only do they provide network monitoring services, but they can provide IT services including security monitoring, disaster recovery, cloud solutions and additional consulting services that address the specific needs of any particular SMB.

Kotori Technology consultants meet with their SMB customers to develop and implement essential IT solutions that meet their specific needs and budgetary limits. Kotori manages and monitors all things IT for their SMB clients, therefore there is no need to maintain an expensive in-house IT department. Whether it is a new business management solution or help maximizing the tools of a current system, Kotori Technologies will provide the appropriate services specific to the vision of their clients.

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