Network Monitoring Can Keep Your Employees Working

Every business owner has experienced a morning when they walked into the office and found their entire staff chatting around the coffee machine. More often than not, somebody turns their head to tell you that your server is down and they cannot do any work. Usually, that person is right.

When your business’ computers are down and your employees cannot do any work, you must pay wages but your business is not satisfying customers, solving problems or generating revenue. Network Monitoring can help you to find out about computer and network problems before the start of the workday. You can alert the person or vendor in charge of your IT infrastructure so that they can begin solving the problem before other employees arrive ready to work. If a problem cannot be solved quickly, you may be able to notify some hourly employees that they can start work late.

Network monitoring services can notify you, your IT department or your IT vendor as problems start to develop so that they can take action to minimize downtime. Typically, monitoring can detect events such as a server going down, a server running low on disk space, odd or anomalous logins and changes to critical files. Network monitoring notifies the person or organization responsible for IT so that they can fix small problems early instead of responding later to big ones.

If your employees rely on your computer systems to be productive, you can’t afford to let these systems be down in the morning. Please contact us to learn more about how network monitoring can help you.