Network Security Tips

Every modern business has a network.  There’s really no alternative for an efficiently run office.  Unfortunately, making it easier for your employees to access private and sensitive data can do the same for people outside of the company if not done correctly.  Here are a few small things you can do to make sure all of the data on your network stays there.


Protect your printers

If you use wireless printers, you may be open to attack.  Although they’re very convenient, wireless printers have a range of connection that extends far beyond a cable.  It would not be difficult for a hacker outside, or maybe even a block or two away, to connect to it.  Printers sometimes store images of recently printed documents for as long as a couple of weeks.  This means that anything that has been printed in the last couple of weeks may be available to anyone who is good with a computer.  Make sure that your printers are all password protected and encrypted if possible.  Consider going even further and just sticking with a cable connection to your printers.



Make sure your entire network is encrypted.  Encrypted networks tend to be reasonably safe all around, however, a network that is not encrypted has a gaping security hole.  Anyone with simple, free software found on the internet and a little knowledge can monitor information transferred on your network down to the packet level.  This means that anytime anything is sent across the network, a hacker might be watching.  It’s especially easy to uncover passwords this way.  Make sure your network runs on a modern version of encryption to protect against this problem



Some pieces of information can only be protected by the people who use them.  Make sure each of your employees understands how to create and remember a strong password.  It’s also important to keep them informed about the newest methods hackers are using to steal passwords, such as phishing.


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