TBR research: 74% plan to seek help in how to migrate to cloud services

As your business continues to grow, you’ve had a number of discussions with your business partner about the best way to expand your on-premise network. Always, the conversation turns to the costs involved: new hardware like servers, not to mention the latest business software.

But cloud integration of some of your software requirements was not something your partner was eager to learn about. For one thing, he felt by using Drop Box for storing certain files and certain documents was as far into the cloud your company should venture.

And then you showed him the study that quickly eased his fears about migrating certain services to the cloud. A study by Technology Business Research, Inc. (TBR) indicates that more than 74% of enterprise customers were actually planning to get help from a service provider to walk them through the steps.

Finally, you were both on the same page. The clincher was when you reminded him about how you needed more collaborative capabilities in sales and marketing, not to mention better security in your eMail platform to allow vendors to have limited access to project documents.

Frankly, cloud integration is vital to your company’s growth—and complex—calling for expert guidance in migrating certain software solutions to a provider. Not all of the host providers you interviewed had what you felt it takes to be a real player in providing cloud integration services: skilled knowledge and experience in doing it.


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