Does Your Small Business Need Cloud Services?

Cloud Services are quickly becoming in-demand for businesses of all sizes. In fact, a recent Forbes Magazine article suggests that 78% of all small businesses in the United States will have adopted some form of cloud services for their company by the year 2020, in comparison to the 37% of small business that use cloud services today.

So, why should your business invest in cloud services? Here are some important benefits:

  • It’s cost-effective. Having a cloud in your business will allow you to increase your productivity — you will need fewer people to perform tasks, and more quality people focused on the tasks at hand.
  • It allows for greater accountability. As a boss, your first priority is to make sure that all of your company’s projects are getting completed on time and on or close to budget. By setting up cloud computing services, you will be able to track your employees’ productivity, and close up any gaps therein.
  • It increases accessibility. Prior to the deployment of cloud services, you could only hope to access your company’s computer infrastructure if you were in the office. With cloud computing, however, you are able to access your company’s computer anytime and anywhere! (This makes it perfect for those who have employees that travel or require them to be away from the office for an extended period of time.)


Kotori Technologies is pleased to provide cloud services to small businesses. If you are ready to get cloud services for your small business, or are interested in finding out what cloud service is right for your business, contact us today.