3 reasons you need VoIP

Even with instant messaging, emails, and chats connected to your business site, telephone calls are still an essential part of your business. But that doesn't mean traditional handheld telephones still have to be. Free up your business operations by switching over to VoIP phone systems.

Why should you switch to VoIP phone systems?

Anytime you can consolidate operational services into something more consistent and traceable, your business profits. Here are three benefits of switching your employees' telephone to VoIP systems:

1. You can track callers easily.

Not every issue can be solved on the first call. If you have a customer who's going through a long pipeline of solvency because something is wrong with their information, it's important to keep track of them. But it's easy to do precisely that on a traditional phone system. With VoIP, every call can be entered in a spreadsheet, comments can be made, and the tickets can be closed or shifted to the next stage in your company's process.

2. Your employees don't have to stay at their desks.

With interdepartmental meetings, calls behind closed doors, and more, your employees will be working away from their desks. Make sure they can call everyone they need to. VoIP can travel with them and hook into instant messaging so they can respond to internal calls even when they're away.

3. You can track employee metrics.

Call centers are all about efficiency. You need to have the right number of people on the floor at the right time. The only way to accurately predict schedules is to base it off of data. But traditional phone systems won't give that information, not on the scale you need to be exact. Use VoIP to see how many calls your center is getting, how long each call lasts, and how many of those calls are completed or need second steps.