Virtual Infrastructure Considerations

More and more companies are realizing that the ideal way to store memory on company owned servers is through virtual infrastructure. These software platforms allow companies to vastly increase the amount of memory and speed of a typical server, without changing the fundamental underlying hardware. That helps companies save time and a lot of money by reducing the need to buy additional servers.

VMWare is one of the leading virtual infrastructure providers. The company was the original promoter of the industry and is now owned by Dell.  It’s virtual machines separate the real servers with a software called the hypervisor. Managers are then free to allocate memory resources more effectively to optimize speed and power. VMWare has been credited with freeing up as much as 40% of server space with its groundbreaking technology.

Citrix is another virtual infrastructure provider.  They are known for bringing virtualization to mobile devices so that executives can access enhanced memory on the go. In addition, the company focuses on creating a secure environment that protects business from malware. They help some of the largest technology companies including IBM, Google, HP, Cisco, Amazon and others to enhance their server technology.

Storage Area Networks (SANs) are another important virtual technology. The chief benefit of SANs is that they “fool” the server into making additional memory appear in the operating system as locally attached devices. That helps speed up data transfer by reducing friction points.

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