Want better IT? solutions? Be Like the characters from 'Friends'

“Friends” was one of the 90’s most iconic sitcoms. It featured six friends in their 20’s and 30’s tackling dating, life, and living in Manhattan.

The main reason the show was so popular? The chemistry of the cast. Each character brought their own unique flair to the group. They all had complimentary qualities, and that’s what made them such an effective group. 

Besides the laughs, there are aspects from each of the characters you can draw from to identify your IT needs in a decisive and efficient manner. 

Let’s take a look at how thinking a little bit more like one of each of the “Friends” can help take your IT operations to the next level: 

Phoebe: The Creative One

Phoebe was the airheaded musician of the group. She was a free spirit creative one of the group best known for her less-than-a-hit single, “Smelly Cat.” 

Smelly Cat wasn’t a great song. But what’s more important than the song’s quality was that Phoebe put it out there for the world to here, exhibiting her creativity. 

Many times, you may be faced with IT issues that don’t have a standard solution. You may have to think outside the box. That’s when you have to tap into this creativity. You may have to throw out some bad ideas first – none as bad as Smelly Cat, we hope – but sometimes you have to experiment to get to the good ideas. 

Monica: The Hard-Working One

Monica is an excellent chef who grinds her way to the top of the restaurant industry. Her friends may have found her to be a bit overbearing at times, but it was this same hard-charging attitude that gave her a great work ethic and made her so successful. 

When you’re looking for IT solutions, you’ll want to adopt the same can-do attitude Monica had. Sometimes you just need to roll up your sleeves and work on an issue to solve it. Whether it’s a solving a network outage or the blue screen of death, every problem has a solution if you work hard. 

Of course, you can always work smart by identifying a trusted partner who can work hard and solve the problem for you. 

Joey: The Confident One

If you don’t quite remember Joey, may this will jog your memory….

“How you doin’?” 

That’s was Joey Tribbiani’s signature line whenever he approached a woman he liked, and it just oozed confidence.

While Joey might not have been the sharpest tool in the shed, he certainly didn’t lack in confidence. Whether it was approaching women or going out for a new acting role, he always executed calmly and confidently. Even if some of his decisions weren’t so…well-informed. 

When you make a decision concerning your IT operations, you should be able to do it confidently. You shouldn’t hesitate or waffle. Make smart, informed decisions on questions like what equipment to purchase or what software to use so that when you do roll it out you can do so calmly and efficiently. 

Rachel: The Trendy One

Rachel was the queen of new haircuts. It seemed like every week she was sporting a new hairstyle the women of America would line up to emulate. She was forever the trendsetter. 

We don’t recommend you get a new haircut every week, but you should always stay on top of the latest trends in IT. Antivirus patches, innovations in software and equipment, and news on cybersecurity threats are all part of the IT spectrum you should keep up with. Falling behind on IT solutions is tantamount to becoming a dinosaur. 

Speaking of dinosaurs….

Ross: The Scientific One

Rachel’s frequent love interest, Ross, was a paleontologist. He was a professor who studied dinosaur bones. While he didn’t use that same approach in his love life, he applied a scientific approach to his work. 

Taking a cold, analytical approach to IT is sometimes necessary. Pay attention to your organization’s technical experts when they advise you on a problem. They know what they’re talking about! And if you don’t have any experts on staff, you might want to consider looking outside your organization for that subject matter expertise on all things IT. 

Chandler: The Sarcastic One

Chandler was known for his quick wit and sarcasm. He was also known for questioning everything. When someone showed off one trait or another, it was common to hear Chandler exclaim, “Could you be any more ____?” 

With Chandler, it was all about sarcasm and cracking jokes. But applying this same kind of cynical mind to your IT operations can actually help you. Whenever you find a weakness or vulnerability, question it. You don’t have to say it out loud necessarily – it’s not certain your IT staff would appreciate hearing, “Could our systems be any less secure?” – but you should always be thinking it! 

Here at Kotari, we like to think we combine all the best qualities of each six of the friends! If you need IT solutions, contact us today because…

We’ll be there for you!