Why Is Managed IT as a Service a Better Investment than Traditional IT Support?

IT problems are bad for business, both in terms of customer frustration and the reliable infrastructure you need for growth. But the solution for network outages, data leaks, and malware isn’t solving the problems as quickly as possible. It’s doing what you can to make sure the problems never happen in the first place. Here are a few ways managed IT support can help you do that:

Pay for problem aversion instead of repairs.

If your network goes out, you’re going to lose customers who want to access your business site for the first time. You might even lose existing customers who see an outage as a sign of systemic problems. Your employees also can’t get their work done, which means you’re paying for their downtime, too.

But most network outages are caused by a build-up of preventative problems. Maybe your expanding business as a network of one extension after another, or the data load has been reaching near-capacity for months before finally crossing the threshold. No matter what the underlying cause is, traditional IT is paid to get the network back online without necessarily creating systemic improvements, and they’ll be paid again the next time your network goes out. This isn’t out of indifference or opportunism but simply because that’s how the service is structured.

Managed IT, on the other hand, is in the business of preventing problems. The monthly fee goes to monitoring your network and making improvements to stop potential problems. Time spent making individual repairs is almost as costly to the IT companies as to your company, so they’re incentive to fix the problem before it starts.

Monitor your networks for system problems and attacks.

A strong shield is much better protection than rooting out malware that’s already found a way into your system. Managed IT as a service, keeps an eye on your network 24/7 so they get alerts each time a potential threat is noted and can respond accordingly. Whether an employee accidentally downloaded a virus or there’s a phishing scheme going around the industry, managed services don’t let it take root.

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