Why Network Security Should Be The Focus of Small Businesses

Many small business owners assume they are not vulnerable to hacking attacks because they are not a high-profile corporation. However, small businesses are just as much at risk of a hacking attack as major corporations are. In fact, small businesses are most likely at the top of a hacker’s list. The reasons below highlight why small businesses should focus on network security now more than ever.

More Exposure Means More Risk

Too many small businesses still rely on at least one staff member to manage their network’s security. Unfortunately, the person responsible for securing the network may have limited knowledge when it comes to cyber security threats. This leaves many small businesses vulnerable to security breaches. Most of these breaches go unnoticed as more high-profile security breaches make it into main stream media.

Sensitive Data is the Goal of Many Hackers

Hackers often search for sensitive data such as employee records, health records, and more. Small businesses store a lot of sensitive data that attracts hackers. They sell this data on the black market or use it to steal people’s identities. When it comes to sensitive data, small businesses need to take the proper precautions to safeguard all information.

Small Businesses Are Prone to Phishing Attacks

Hackers use phishing attacks primarily on small businesses because they are easy to target. A phishing attack involves a hacker posing as someone in the company such as an IT administrator. They usually send an email message with a malicious file that attempts to steal user credentials to gain access to the network.

The reasons above may make small businesses highly vulnerable to a hacker attack, yet there are still ways to protect your business. Proactive monitoring provided by a professional managed services provider can ensure your network is safe and secure.


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