10 horrible things that can happen to your business if you use a cheap router

Why are routers so expensive? Business class routers can cost over $12,000 annually when factoring things like business size and network requirements. Why not invest in a cheaper alternative?

The truth is, relying on cloud services alone isn’t enough and cheap routers just don’t cut it. Modern hackers are brilliant, and they won’t be hindered by a cheap piece of equipment. You need high end standards to combat their techniques.

Sophisticated routers will integrate with antivirus software like Sophos Central Heartbeat. They have mechanisms to scan, monitor, and control changes on the network. Choosing to use a professional grade router will improve security efforts and provide solutions to unwanted attacks. Without the right tools, your business is exposed to serious threats to which you may be liable.

1. Viruses Can Infiltrate Your Network

Lesser hardware shows a lack of cyber awareness and opens your network to some of the worst viruses around. When software engineers create a virus, they’re miles ahead of the most popular store shelf router. Without modern security standards, your business is easier to infiltrate, saving your hacker valuable time and money.

2. Users Can Access Malicious Websites

Without appropriate security measures, you leave an important responsibility in the hands of your team. Cheap routers make it harder to restrict access to malicious websites. It’s up to your team to exercise diligence and caution with every click to an outside source. Integrating high quality firewall protection can share this burden, making it easier for your team to browse with confidence.

3. Your Team Becomes Vulnerable To Phishing Attacks

Phishing attempts are one of the sneakiest hacking methods in the industry. Don’t be fooled by their convincing routine, stop it in its tracks. Cheap routers hinder your team’s ability to stop these dangerous phishing attempts before they happen.

4. Inadequate Security Can’t Prevent Known Threats

Threats like phishing websites and online scams endanger the integrity of your business. Identifying troublesome sources like these often isn’t enough. You need hardware and tools to block access to known threats. Low end routers won’t give you the leverage you need, putting your business in a compromising position. Your team can easily succumb to a cyber attack when accessing a known threat.

5. Warning: Inappropriate Content

One of the most embarrassing possibilities is the introduction of inappropriate data on company computers. Hackers can push content to machines on your network—the likes of which would never make its way through an HR department alive. From pornography to spam, there’s plenty of reasons to safeguard your team from this unwarranted gift.

6. Look Out For Ransomware

Ransomware comes from the most cruel con artists out there. They’ll fix you up—for a fee. These bad guys sneak realistic software right under your nose. When you least expect it, they snatch up your payment information without delivering any product. If they do deliver, you’ll find the program is poorly written or full of malicious spyware that steals sensitive information. They hold onto the information they gather as ransom while demanding a payment from you. Don’t fall victim to ransomware, look for high quality tools that help prevent these attacks.

7. Wireless Networks Can Be Hijacked

Your wireless network might as well be another front door. Without a qualified guard, you’re letting anyone waltz right through. Low quality routers make it super easy to hijack your wireless network and infiltrate the company network. Who needs reliable network security when you could have a cheap router, instead?

8. Expect Poor Hardware Performance

How many signal bars do you have? Is that enough? When it comes down to it, cheap routers provide cheap results. They tend to produce weaker Wifi signals and are more likely to break down with less wear and tear. If you want to provide your business with the best connection possible, they need reliable hardware to do it.

9. Less Security Tools For Administrators

If you need to boot a specific MAC address from the company network, can you do it? Your IT support team needs advanced admin tools. A better router means more flexibility and control over your network. Providing your team with superior technology will give them means to protect your business.

10. Prone To Unwanted Third Party Access

Low end security tools make it easier for unwanted guests to piggyback on your network and work their way into critical areas of the company network. All of the best cloud security in the world can’t stand up to a poorly funded router investment.

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