Are We Green Yet?

Well we hope not to see $5.00 a gallon, but it looks inevitable. Sure it would be nice to drive a small gas sipper, but most people can’t fit their families in any of these. Workers still need big trucks and vans, public transportation prices rise because of gas, your commercial workers need to charge more to the consumer for travel time. What are we doing about our future? Is electric the answer? Not likely.  Not enough power and the recycling issue for the old batteries would be a nightmare.  Our country relies too much on the Middle East for their oil, in Canada their now extracting oil from soil in the Northern part of Alberta, this would be good to cut the Middle East out, however to process for extracting the buy product is extremely expensive. So instead of looking to the Government and oil companies for a solution, (which is not in their best interest) let’s find out what the Automotive industries are going to do, they are the one’s manufacturing these necessary liabilities.  Air  Products. Inc, in a joint venture with Toyota opened the first ever pipeline feed hydrogen fueling station in California. Is this the future of transportation? A resounded YES is the answer! GM as well as Honda has been manufacturing and testing these H vehicles since early 1999. It is amazing what they are doing. Honda issued the first public H vehicle on the market this year, the Honda FCX Clarity. A very sporting looking ride, it looks like any new Accord that’s on the road today. The best part of all this is ZERO emissions! The cars only emit water vapor. Pure H2O. I don’t want to just limit all the kudos to GM and Honda. Toyota, Mercedes and others for the past few years have been researching this alternative as well. And it was Toyota that did open the first public station. Will we see more stations around the country? We can only hope that our future will be environmentally safe as well as affordable to us, the consumers.