Dust Kills

So we all enjoy a clean, safe, and healthy home or work environment. We change our air filters every three months to keep the air clean and fresh that we breath. We vacuum the carpets and wash the floors to prevent dust bunnies from running us over, but do you care for your computers, servers, and other electronic devices in the same way?
Many times we don’t think twice about cleaning the devices that we depend so much on. We figure by cleaning the environment they’re located in is suffocate enough for them to continue working well. Did you ever think that a slower computer could be the cause of pool ventilation? Improper ventilation can end up costing you hundreds or even thousands if not given the proper maintenance. Computer equipment is just like people. As humans we need to stay at a recommend temperature or we eventually find ourselves in a dangerous situation. Just ask yourself how you feel when you have a fever? None of us like running to the doctor if we get sick so we make preventive visits to ensure we stay fit and healthy. That same recommendation goes for your computer network.
IT professional recommend that every six months you have a trained professional do a complete shutdown of your computer network to perform a complete external and internal cleaning of each critical device. Even the cleanest buildings have dust. These small particles over time build up on the internal parts causing extensive heart problems which reduce performance and overall system stability. This dust will stop internal fans from running; it can cause fans to run at a slower speed, or can create layers of grim on important components preventing the heat from escaping.
So if a car air filter will give you 10% better fuel economy, an air filter for your home or office will prevent sickness and allergies, think about what a server room or desktop cleaning could do you.