How Is Virtual Infrastructure Bigger Inside Than Out?

Virtual Infrastructure for hosting and other services possess the curious property of being larger inside than you expect from the outside.  How is that? Virtual infrastructure applies a layer of computation that changes everything. Like the spaceship of a particular sci-fi cult TV show, you get the sense that your virtual space of your system is bigger than the physical server space that hosts it.

Virtualization Puts IT Infrastructure Beyond The Looking Glass

Of course, underneath it all, there is a set of physical servers that is working away furiously. However, those hard-working machines pool their power to drive the virtual machines. Virtualization removes the risk of losing a few servers in the real world; all that will happen is the speed or computational power might dip slightly.

Sharing in virtual infrastructure has some cool benefits if you are a small business that can’t afford the enterprise-grade expenses of going it alone. It avoids the cost of hardware and software provides flexible, secure and redundant service without wasting any resources. Separating from the real world gives you a phenomenal amount of flexibility, which means your assets are scale-able and backed up, which gives you fast and reliable disaster recovery.

Virtual Is Becoming Inevitable But In A Good Way

Whether your system is cloud based or on dedicated physical servers, virtualization provides you with a more robust, flexible and recoverable system and it sets the standard for IT infrastructure whether you are a small business or thriving global enterprise. In fact, if you want your small business or startup to compete effectively virtual infrastructure is the more affordable solution, the only sensible choice.

Kotori Technologies delivers VMware, VMware SAN and Citrix virtual infrastructure solutions to small business clients that need big virtual spaces to their leverage IT assets and exercise big business ideas. If you are a small business in the Charleston SC area, talk to us to get the solution for your virtual infrastructure solutions.