How Manufacturing Organizations Find Good Tech Help

If you’re like most business owners in the manufacturing industry, you know you need to work with a managed services provider, (MSP), because you don’t understand tech or how to secure it. How then, can you feel confident you’ve chosen the right vendor?

A good MSP should provide specific value. They should:

  • Improve operations
  • Ease your security concerns
  • Fit in with your company culture
  • Meet regularly with executive staff
  • Introduce you to reputable products
  • Offer relate-able customer service

2 Key Questions Only the Right MSP Can Answer Effectively

  1. Define your business’ 1, 5 and 10 year goals. What will you need from your technology at these benchmarks?
  2. Define your immediate requirements. What specific improvements would you like to see in your business? (Do you want to start working with a new CRM system or mobile tracking PaaS? Do you want your field and onsite staff to start logging through a custom portal?)

Your chosen MSP should be able to clearly tell you how they would help you reach your goals. Good MSP’s will talk very little about their chosen processes, tool sets and engineering resources upfront. Their primary focus should be your organizational goals. They should only be telling you how the tools and resources they work with solidly back up their ability to meet your needs.

The best MSP to choose is one who has staff with a wide variety of IT skill sets and adequate resources to properly handle your company data. Contact us today at Kotori Technologies. We offer a broad range of IT solutions for manufacturing verticals. We have the trusted resources and the talent to manage and secure your organization’s technology properly.