Increased Use of Cloud Services: Are You Part of the Trend?

Cloud services usage continues to grow at a tremendous rate. Instead of investing entirely in on-premises hardware and software, businesses are increasingly relying on the cloud for a variety of computing needs.

For example, new reports point out that by 2020, the market for public cloud services will grow to an estimated $236 billion, compared to this year’s figure, $114 billion. Both the private sector and government agencies are turning to the cloud to modernize, improve productivity, and ideally save on long-term computing costs.

Why is the cloud a good investment?

In the long run, using cloud-based services gives your company a variety of financial benefits.

  • You avoid buying, maintaining, and upgrading on-premises equipment that you may need to get rid of in a few years (or in even a shorter amount of time). You also avoid additional expenses, such as the electricity used to keep the on-premises equipment functioning.
  • You avoid spending money on computing equipment and software services that you don’t need; you pay only for what you use. Cloud-based services are scale-able and can readily adapt to your changing needs.
  • If you use reliable cloud services, you’re less likely to suffer costly downtime.
  • Often, you can access a cloud-based service from more than one computing device, giving you greater flexibility and productivity.

Please contact us to further discuss how cloud-based services can benefit your company. We can also help you migrate to the cloud, easing you through the transition smoothly. Furthermore, we’ll address any concerns you have about the security and reliability of the services you’re using.