Manufacturing in the Digital Age

Your manufacturing floor just shut down. Your equipment is working hard to meet demand. But it isn’t a bolt or screw that just messed up the production schedule, it’s one of the computers.

Manufacturing in the digital age means technology likely runs not only your production process but your entire business. This means your IT department is a linchpin of your business. And they’re the ones to respond to your current crisis.

This digitizing of manufacturing proceeds at a rapid pace already. Manufacturers are pouring billions now into digital transformation projects. Software, computer chips, and sensors show up in all sorts of products. This trend will continue.

But, this digital transformation encompasses more than just what goes into a product. It’s transforming the supply chain, sales, and even accounting or in other words, the entire business.

Today, manufacturers need to react quickly to supply issues and other business changes. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems run the business and allow different departments to access and share information easily.

Good supply chain management is crucial to successful manufacturing and a digitized supply chain is an efficient supply chain. Supply chain management systems are often part of the ERP system or stand alone.

All this technology requires a robust IT department. A department which can respond at a moment’s notice and knows all the technology systems.

We help your IT system keep up with your speed of business. We realize how crucial your IT systems are to your production keeping up with demand. To find out more about our expertise in Manufacturing IT, contact us. Thanks.